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Parenting in the New Age: “Good Enough”- From Toddlers to Teens – November 4, 2020

alison king headshotJoin the Environmental Health & Safety team for a live wellness webinar presentation  provided by Alison King, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Health Net.

Date: Wednesday, November 4th

Time: 1 – 2 pm

View webinar recording (Passcode: #+g9m6?^)

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This new way of life requires us to switch hats multiple times throughout the day – changing roles from employee to partner to parent to teacher and IT specialist – day in, day out – and for many of us, all within the confines of our home.   Parents and kids alike are feeling pent-up, frustrated, angry, sad…kids’ tantrum or become oppositional, we’re irritable and impatient and raise our voice…and then…the guilt.

This presentation aims to address parental guilt, introduce important parenting concepts of “good enough” and “rupture and repair”, and provide practical applications and techniques to help us feel more equipped as parents.