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Three Questions for the All Access Co-Chairs

two head shots of co-chairsThis October is the 75th observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). To celebrate, All Access ERG co-chairs Misha Gonzalez and Emalynn Robinson share the benefits of an inclusive workplace and their vision for Berkeley Lab.

What is the purpose of the All Access ERG, and why might I want to get involved?

Misha: The All Access Employee Resource Group represents members of the disability community and their allies. We seek to advance inclusion and equality for everyone in the Berkeley Lab community.

One in four people have a disability according to the Centers for Disease Control and people can acquire a disability at any point in life. Whether we experience disability directly or indirectly through those we care about, everyone benefits when we make the spaces we share more accessible.

All Access provides a safe space to connect with the community at the Lab, while offering a learning space for its members. There are no prerequisites or minimum time requirements for joining and it offers a great way to learn leadership skills. As an ERG, we also learn and share about existing resources and the diversity of the community itself in a collaborative, team environment.

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