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February is American Heart Month!

Let’s focus on our hearts and health. Include healthy habits in your daily routines to reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. Your heart is a muscle, the more exercise, and activity you do, the stronger and healthier it becomes. See the links below for some tips and facts about heart health, cardio fitness to resting heart rate, self-care tips for your heart health, heart-healthy foods, and what brushing your teeth can do for your heart!

Cardio fitness and resting heart rate

How to set up Apple Watch to check cardio fitness and what IS cardio fitness?

VO2 Max: available on your Apple watch or you can use these calculations: Watch your cardio fitness improve!

Norms and Goals!

Yummy foods your Heart likes best

Want a happy Heart? Brush your teeth!

Self Care Tips for Heart Health (NIH)

Taking Care of Our Hearts, Together (NIH):

Move More Fact Sheet (NIH)

Heart-Healthy Living (NIH)

28 Days Towards a Healthy Heart Calendar (NIH)

Kaiser Heart Health Month Flyer