Berkeley Lab

IPO’s I-Corps Entrepreneurial Training starts May 2021

At Berkeley Lab, we take innovation seriously and the Intellectual Property Office is proud to lead the I-Corps Program. I-Corps, short for innovation corps, is an entrepreneurial training program funded by The Dept of Energy’s Office of Technology Transitions that embodies the Federal Government’s commitment to creating a culture of innovation at our
National Labs.

I-Corps is a powerful program that inspires lab employees to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and apply it to everyday lab activities. Whether one is developing a new invention, writing a grant proposal, planning a startup, optimizing an administrative process or pursuing a promotion, the I-Corps Program has valuable insights for any and all members of the Lab community. It is not only for startups!

I-Corps Lite Training Details:

  •  Our next I-Corps Lite Training will be in May 2021 and we have an information session on on April 7, 2021 at 3:30pm. so you can learn more about the training.
  • For more information about I-Corps, you can check out this LinkedIn video or slide deck.
  • If you are interested and cannot make the information session orwould like to ask specific questions about the I-Corps Lite Training, please contact Gregg Scharfstein,
  • Note that we have limited spots available for this training and, in our experience, they fill up quickly.