Berkeley Lab

Onboarding Program Website Launches

We’re excited to announce the development and launch of a new website focused on the new Berkeley Lab Onboarding Program. New staff members, hiring managers, admins, and any others who help onboard new hires (who we refer to as “onboarders”) can utilized this site when new hires join the Lab: (please note, this in an internal site that requires an LBNL LDAP).

This website houses the new onboarding program which aims to:

  • Represent Berkeley Lab as a whole

  • Support on-site, satellite, and remote workers

  • Be flexible for all types of employees and affiliates

  • Provide a consistent onboarding process for both the new staff and supervisor

  • Enhance the experience of new staff

  • Help new staff feel included and become productive members of the Lab Community

The Onboarding website has been added to the A-Z index, HR Shared Services new hire notification, and the first day orientation presentation for new hires conducted by HR Shared Services.

Please pass this update along to your networks internally. For any feedback on the website, there is a feedback form embedded at the footer of the Onboarding website.

A big thank you to the project team (Rachel Carl, Nick Wong, Angelic Lucero, Bill Singh, Erin Harbin, Justina Clarke, Karen Salvini, Ling Liang, Tammera Campbell, and Theresa Short) for all their hard work creating this new resource.