Berkeley Lab

Announcing Anti-Bullying Guidelines – June, 2021

Under the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (“the Lab”) Ethics and Conduct at Berkeley Lab Policy the Lab is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace community where every individual is treated with civility and respect. Bullying behavior should not be tolerated in our workplace community. The Lab strongly encourages anyone who is a witness to or a victim of bullying behavior to promptly report such conduct to any manager or supervisor, Security, Human Resources, or the FAIR Office

While bullying is not currently illegal in the workplace (unless it involves a protected class), it is still an Ethics and Conduct at Berkeley Lab policy violation. Berkeley Lab takes action in response to reports of bullying and will appropriately address the reports to prevent, correct, and discipline unprofessional and bullying conduct that is found to be in violation of our values or policies. Employees may refer to the Corrective Action and Discipline Policy for further information. As detailed in section III.C, Retaliation against individuals who report bullying is prohibited.

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