Berkeley Lab

Supervisor Workshops on Promotions/Reclassifications

Dear Colleagues,

As we navigate through the performance review process, many conversations will emerge regarding career development and plans for promotions or reclassifications. While there is some differentiation between divisions on considerations for promotions, the Lab’s process and approach aims to be applied consistently while promoting fairness for advancement opportunities.

Additionally, as part of the IDEA strategy to promote transparency for career advancement, HR will be offering two 90-minute learning modules available for new and experienced managers interested in learning about Berkeley Lab’s promotions and reclassifications process. This will include best practices on helping to support employee career progression. We invite you to attend one of two sessions that are available:

While these sessions are intended for supervisors and managers, there will be future sessions available for all Lab employees on July 29 and August 12. More information will be available through Elements closer to these dates.

Please join us for one of the scheduled sessions and feel free to reach out to your HR Division Partner with questions. If you are unable to attend, a session will be recorded and made available on the Learning and Organizational Development website after July 15.

Best regards,

Bill Cannan, Senior HR Division Partner

Caren Chung, Senior HR Division Partner

Tina Clarke, Senior HR Division Partner

Marcia Ocon Leimer, Senior Manager, Field Services