Berkeley Lab

Imposter Syndrome Workshop – June 11, 2020

The Career Pathways Office is hosting a workshop on Imposter Syndrome next Thursday.

Alaina G. Levine, President and career coach of Quantum Success Solutions, joins us on June 11 to host a workshop on Imposter Syndrome. Learn strategies and tactics on how to navigate through imposter syndrome, and discover how imposter syndrome can affect us in everyday scenarios. Please register through Eventbrite and join us on Zoom!

Imposter Syndrome
Thursday June 11 @ 10:30a via Zoom
Register through Eventbrite

Description : Imposter Syndrome makes us believe that we are unworthy. It tricks us into minimizing our contributions and value. More critically, impostor syndrome insidiously robs us of future prosperity as it convinces us not to pursue opportunities to advance our career, apply for fellowships and awards, launch and facilitate exciting new collaborations, and be more innovative, inventive, agile, and novel in our problem-solving approaches. Consequently, impostor syndrome negatively impacts not only our own potential, but that of the greater STEM community. Let’s knock this out of our brains for good!

In this webinar, you will learn strategies and tactics to rid this from your brilliant mind and how to navigate it and stamp it out if it creeps into every day scenarios.