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Right Kind of Wrong The Science of Failing Well – January 9, 2024

The Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab invites Corporate Program members to join us January 9, 2024 from 9am – 10am PT for a webinar featuring Lab affiliated faculty Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, renowned for her ground-breaking research on psychological safety.

Date: January 9, 2024

Time: 9am – 10am PT

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Professor Edmondson will lead off the session by sharing insights from her new book “Right Kind of Wrong: The Science of Failing Well,” in which she draws on decades of original research to share how transforming our views on failure can lead us to more productive growth and progress. In her book, Edmondson illustrates how we and our organizations can embrace our human fallibility, learn exactly when failure is our friend, and prevent most of it when it is not. This is the key to pursuing smart risks and preventing avoidable harm. We used to think of failure as the opposite of success.

Now, we’re often torn between two “failure cultures”: one that says to avoid failure at all costs, the other that says fail fast, fail often. The trouble is that both approaches lack the crucial distinctions to help us separate good failure from bad. As a result, we miss the opportunity to fail well. During the session, Edmondson will provide us with the framework to think, discuss, and practice failure wisely. She’ll inform us on how to distinguish good failure from bad and share practices, skills, and mindsets to help us replace shame and blame with curiosity, vulnerability, and personal growth.

Professor Edmondson will then engage in a fireside chat with professor and Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab Director Shelley Correll that will be followed by some time for audience Q&A. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the members-only password protected section of our website afterwards.

This event is open to all Berkeley Lab Employees. Berkeley Lab is a Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Corporate Program member. Feel free to share the link to register broadly within Berkeley Lab. We ask that you refrain from sharing externally.

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